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Monday, October 5, 2009

Karma- mini rant about delivery companies

I believe in Karma which is why I always try to do the right thing but I think this time it might be more trouble than it's worth.
On my way back from taking my daughter to the bus stop I noticed at the trailer next door to ours there was a package. Okay whatever, no big right? Well the trailers empty and the package had been there all weekend. It's soaked and dirty. I thought about just leaving it, but then I thought about how pissed I'd been when a packaged I'd bought and paid for didn't get to me. So I picked it up and brought it in. Then called the delivery company, the first place couldn't do anything since they didn't actually deal with the shipping process they were just the store. So they gave me the 1-800 number and said to just hit 0 till I got an operator. Which I did, their going to send a truck out to get it TOMORROW! Yeah tomorrow. I feel so bad for whoever's package this is. I mean the delivery company screwed up, shouldn't they take care of it now. Not make the customer wait another day to deal with it. The damn thing should've been delivered Friday. I just know whoever this belongs to is probably seriously pissed right now. I know I would be.
So here's the kicker, with this particular company I'm not surprised. They've screwed up our packages so many times that I don't even like useing them, anymore. So do you think doing the right thing was worth the run around?

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