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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Review: Ride 'Em Girl Friend by Cameo Brown

Ride 'Em Girl Friend
Author- Cameo Brown

Professor Rumani Gladstone has had a disastrous life. A bad marriage and a worse love affair have left their mark, making her extremely wary. As well as resolved not to get burned again. Enter Randy Stide a hunky cowboy who offers the good professor a night of hot lovin' county style. Will Rumani be able to overcome her past and take what this silvered tongue cowboy has to offer? Or will she chase him off into the sunset?

I found Rumani very guarded and hard to empathize with, although this may have been Ms. Brown's intention. Rumani's had a tough life, so this might be the reason for Ms. Brown giving her the edge. I couldn't really get a fix on Randy, although he seemed like a good guy. The misunderstandings between the two characters had me wanting to yell at the book, telling Rumani her mistakes. Which as a reader I saw, but she didn't. You do get to watch Rumani grow and get passed things, which is always a plus. The sex scenes are wonderful as is the writing. In my opinion Ms. Brown writes a good story, but needs work on her characterization. Yet even with these character issues, I found this short to be a good read.
3 Angels

Reviewed by Shandy
From Fallen Angel Reviews

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