Thursday, August 5, 2010

E-book Piracy By Jenika Snow

Okay, first I want to thank Shandy for having me here.

What I’d like to talk about is eBook piracy. Now I know everyone is familiar with it. It is after all a popular and heinous crime.

To be honest, until I was actually a published author I had no clue as to what eBook piracy even was. When my first book was released, I got so many Google hits from these pirate sites that were illegally downloading it. I really didn’t know if this was a major problem, but as I sat there and watched my book being downloaded over and over again, I think my heart stopped on several occasions.

You see, some may think downloading an eBook isn’t really a big deal. It’s only a few bucks, and they assume the author is rich anyway so what does it hurt? Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am not rich, and I depend on the sales of my books to feed and clothe my child, and make sure she keeps a roof over her head.

With each release of my book, the pirate sites would have a copy within days it seemed. It is quite depressing to think about, and at one point I just kind of gave up with caring. What could I do? It didn’t matter how many take down notices I sent out, because within a day another pirate site would have my book.

See, what really frustrates me about this whole situation is that me, along with my publisher work hard in getting a story put together. It isn’t about the money, believe me. I love to write, but each time I see one of my stories being downloaded illegally it makes my desire to continue writing dwindle a little more. Now, I will never stop writing because this is my passion, but if everyone can just stop and think about the repercussions of downloading illegally, maybe they too will see what a drastic outcome it has on everyone.

Now I may be a small tadpole in an ocean of whales, and I may not be able to do much to stop this, but I can educate people on the importance of not participating in this illegal act, and yes, it is illegal.

Just ask yourself one question before you download a book illegally: What if you were that author and the story being taken was something you put your heart and soul into? Would you not care if someone was taking money out of your pocket that could be feeding your child, or paying your rent?

Just something to think about.

I do want to thank everyone who purchases eBooks the LEGAL way. I know I can speak for every author when I say THANK YOU!

About the Author:
Jenika is just your average woman.  She lives in the too hot northeast with her husband and their young daughter. Thankfully, he shares her unusual sense of humor and naughty nature. 
Along with taking care of their daughter, they have to keep an eye on Milo, their spunky cat. When not writing, Jenika works full-time at a hospital and attends nursing school. Writing is Jenika's number one passion, but since life gets in the way, she isn't able to write full-time (at least not yet.)


  1. On line, I chat with a small group of folks about books and manga. Several of us have ereaders and are always suggesting books to read. Not once has a poster asked for a book from another reader. If she wants to read it, she heads to the publisher's site, buys, and downloads the book to enjoy.

    I've stumbled upon a site or two with illegal books. I notified the author and publisher about it and they were greatful for the information.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  2. Great post!!! Piracy sites sicken me!!! And I've never had anyone ask to "borrow" an ebook ever. But sometimes I really do feel with my group of girlfriends. We used to swap and share books all the time. And what about libraries....I borrow ebooks from my library. I love reading but I just cannot afford to buy everything I want to read.

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