Sunday, August 7, 2011

In My Mailbox #3

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My very first video one!

Dark Taste of Rapture 
(I screwed up in the video and said Dark Huntress Series but I meant Alien Huntress Series. Received from Publisher for book tour.)
I Loved You First 
I Loved You First (Received from the author for a book tour.)
Sleight: Book One of the AVRA-K 
(I love this cover, received via a book tour I'll be hosting)

 The Demon Lover: A Novel
(I love this cover too, from NetGalley)


  1. Sleight is really good! I love the cover of The Demon Lover too. What pretty colors!

    Thanks for stopping by mine. Hope you have a great week! :)


  2. I also love the cover of The Demon Lover!

    Happy Reading!
    In My Mailbox

  3. Yep, I agree, The Demon Lover cover is gorgeous!!
    Thanks for stopping by Book Sake.

  4. The cover of The Demon Lover is gorgeous!

    Happy reading :-)

  5. the demon lover looks so interesting i want to read it asap!

  6. LOVE Gena Showalter! So cool you got Dark Taste of Rapture. =)

    My IMM


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