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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Review} Beyond the Grave by Mara Purnhagen

Beyond the Grave (Harlequin Teen)Beyond the Grave
by Mara Purnhagen
Past Midnight Series: Book III
Pub Date: 08/30/2011
Genre: FICTION - YA: Paranormal, Mystery

I can't move forward with my life, until I know my demons are confined to the past…
Being Charlotte Silver, the daughter of famous paranormal investigators, means my life isn't like that of other teenage girls. Especially after what happened to my parents. Things changed. I missed prom and deferred my big college plans. But I still have my boyfriend, Noah. He's everything I could want—if I can figure out what's up with him. Suddenly Noah is secretive.
I fear it has something to do with what happened to us three months ago. The bruise Noah suffered during a paranormal attack has never completely faded. Now I've learned Noah is researching demons. And when he disappears, it's up to me to find him—before something else does.

Review: This is the 3rd book in this series, I haven't read the firsts two. Coming into the middle of a series isn't a big deal for me, I know to some people it is, but for me it's not. That said, if you decide to read this series start with book 1.  While the book is written with tidbits of information from the other books, it just made me curious about what I had missed and was written to remind someone of important info they may have forgotten since reading the earlier works.
All right now to the book itself, this was great. I love paranormal investigator shows so this immediately caught my eye. Charlotte is this strong stubborn young women, who dealing with a lot. Her moms in a coma, dad is dealing with that, her sister is moving away to go to school, and their family friend who like family is getting married. Not to mention Charlotte is starting college herself. If this isn't enough stress, paranormal forces are out to get her. All this stuff going on creates a huge amount of chaos in Charlotte life and  in the book. I thought the wedding and normal stuff broke up the paranormal aspect, giving you a little down time to wonder what was going on and process. As I read I kept wonder who was the Watcher and who wasn't everyone was a suspect. Every time Charlotte confided in someone I had to wonder if she was doing the right thing or giving intel to the enemy. I loved Charlotte, because even though the chips were stacked against here she didn't give up, she did what she had to do to protect those she loved.
Toward the end I refused to put this down and read the last few chapters straight through because I had to know if they would succeed and what would happen after they did, if they did. This was an excellent book and I plan on reading the first two, just so I can get more of Charlotte and her families back story.
Disclaimer: I received this book from NetGalley and was not required to provide a review.

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