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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Review} Grave Expectations

Grave ExpectationsGrave Expectations
By Charles Dickens, Sherri Browning Erwin
Publisher: Gallery Books
Released : August 30, 2011
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Classic

Heaven knows, we need never be ashamed of our wolfish cravings. . . .
Bristly, sensitive, and meat-hungry Pip is a robust young whelp, an orphan born under a full moon. Between hunting escaped convicts alongside zombified soldiers, trying not to become one of the hunted himself, and hiding his hairy hands from the supernaturally beautiful and haughty Estella, whose devilish moods keep him chomping at the bit, Pip is sure he will die penniless or a convict like the rest of his commonly uncommon kind.
But then a mysterious benefactor sends him to London for the finest werewolf education money can buy. In the company of other furry young gentlemen, Pip tempers his violent transformations and devours the secrets of his dark world. When he discovers that his beloved Estella is a slayer of supernatural creatures, trained by the corpse-like vampire Miss Havisham, Pip’s desire for her grows stronger than his midnight hunger for rare fresh beef. But can he risk his hide for a truth that will make Estella his forever—or will she drive one last silver stake through his heart?

Review: I've never been a huge Dicken's fans actually I've never been a fan of the classics period. This is the first time I've ever read a mashup as well. But given that I haven't read the Dicken's version I'm going to review this solely on it's own merits.
Pip is this kid who starts off the story as a kid, raised by his sister and her husband. He figured other than his sisters rampages he's got a pretty good life and is going to be his brother-in-laws apprentice, he's a silver smith. Which is rather weird since Pip is a were-wolf so you'd think he'd have some sort of adverse reaction to the silver. Yet it only really seems to make him a little weak and not as animalistic. So then he's invited to Miss Havishams. This crazy old vampire lady who walks around in a wedding dress and one shoe. I liked Pip up until this point, he seemed like a good kid. But when he gets tangled with Miss Havisham and her adopted daughter Estella he starts to second guess himself, and gets a grass is greener outlook. This irked me because back then he was lucky to have a roof over his head.  As the book progressed I just found Pip to be more and more irritating. He just got so full of himself and forgot his roots, leaving all the people who cared about him behind without a second thought.
I liked the werewolf, vampire, and zombie aspects thrown in. I enjoyed the fact that Ms Erwin used the older versions of the werewolves and vampires. They were like the ones from the Gothic books, which I love and it was great to see classic monsters in a book again. I found this interesting and the extra stuff injected into the book was wonderful. While I highly doubt Mr Dickens expected his book to ever become something like this, I feel Ms Erwin did it a great justice.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, this had no effect on my opinion or review.

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