Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gypsy Knights Blog Tour

Hi Shandy Jo! Thanks so much for inviting us (The Two Brothers Metz, aka Rhett and Lafe) to share your blog for the day :)

We are in the throes of writing the sequel to Gypsy Knights at the moment, and our heads are swimming with GK II (our working title - we'd love to hear suggestions for the title!).

Given this 800 lb gorilla that seems to be dominating our thoughts, combined with our love of top ten lists, we thought it would be fun to share the top 10 most interesting tidbits we've developed so far for GK II.  Of course, it's highly likely that some of these will change, and certainly possible that they will all change before publication - but what the heck?

Without further ado, we present the Top 10 Most Interesting Tidbits for GK II:

10) Duri and Dilia will both return.

9) Rival suitors attempt to turn the heads of both our young heroes! Will they succeed?

8) Duri's Grandfather rules from the grave with a dastardly Last Will.

7) Duri's search for the chess set takes him far and wide again, but much of his search takes place in the chess set's last known location: New York City.

6) Nightshade - Duri's six toed cat - is just fine and dandy, thank you.

5) Duri is forced to risk the vast fortune left to him by his Grandfather as his search for the chess set grows increasingly frantic and desperate.

4) Duri encounters a thriving Romani (Gypsy) culture in New York City.

3) A young Romani arises as a new rival for the chess set.

2) Casey does not quit her job as a freight train engineer.

1) Duri gets some new transportation - a Grumand Duck!

Thanks again for having us Shandy. We hope you enjoy Gypsy Knights and that this whets your appetite for the sequel.

Gypsy Knights by Two Brothers Metz
Genre Paranormal YA

Fourteen-year-old Durriken Brishen has lost his parents, his grandfather, and though he doesn't know it, his Gypsy culture's dangerous gift.

Taken in and raised on the rails by the first woman to pilot a freight train, Durriken has one remaining connection to his Romani roots: a small wooden box that hangs from the hammer loop of his overalls.
The last gift he received from his grandfather, the box contains the world's first chess set. But a piece is missing: the Red Queen. According to Durriken’s family lore, the complete set awakens the power of T─ârie, a mercurial gift that confers unique abilities on each new Master.
When a suspicious fire erupts in the Chicago rail yard, Durriken's escape produces an uneasy alliance, though not without its silver lining. Dilia is a few inches taller, several degrees cleverer, and oh yes – very pretty. While Durriken is uneasy allying with a girl whose parents were convicted of sedition, there's no doubt she is a powerful partner. And while it's not immediately clear to either, her own Guatemalan culture and family history are deeply entwined with the ancient Romani mystery.
Jumping box cars, escaping riverboats, deciphering clues, crossing swords with the brilliant madman Radu Pinch – with great American cities as its backdrop – Gypsy Knights is the page-turning saga of Durriken Brishen and his quest to rediscover his past.
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