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Fallen Angels

I’ve always loved angels. You know, the ones who lived in Heaven, were mostly female and wore flowing white gowns, fluffy wings with the beautiful white feathers and some even had those lovely golden halos.

Back in the 90’s, I read all the books I could find about angels. For the most part, although I can’t remember any specifically, these were stories featuring the angels that I was most familiar with. The ones I described above. Filled with kindness and goodness with sweet dispositions and loving attitudes.

Then, much later, I learned there were other angels. Ones not so white, not so pure, not so kind or loving, and they most certainly did not live in Heaven.

But they used to.

I can’t recall the first time I read about fallen angels. It could have been when I was researching a story idea; it could have been something I heard. It may even be another book I read that first clued me into what I’d been missing. But once I learned of fallen angels, I was intrigued by the notion that angels could be, and were, kicked out of Heaven.

And did they want to return? If so, how does that happen?

Most people are familiar with the rebellion of Lucifer whose name means "light-bearer" and who was referred to as the "morning star." He was the first angel to fall. Some stories say he wanted to be like God and wanted to be worshipped as God. Another story says he disliked and was jealous of humans. Thought that God should not have forced the angels, his first children, to serve the mortals and that God should not have loved humans more than the angels. For these reasons, he was banished from Heaven.

But he didn’t go alone.

In the first story, of Lucifer wanting to be like God, it was actually the archangel Michael who cast out Lucifer. Some of the angels followed him by resisting God's power and authority in a huge, horrible battle that decimated the heavens turning angel against angel. In the second story, Lucifer was so charming, so full of charisma that he convinced one-third of the angelic host that God had abandoned them and humans were worthless. When he Fell, they Fell with him.

And once they did, they were no longer angels. This is when the stories say they became demons. And Lucifer began to be known as Satan, a more common term for the ruler of hell.

When I began Relic Defender, in finding a match for Lexi, I decided I wanted a fallen angel. One who was on his own path to redemption. He Fell for all the same reasons as Lucifer did – out of pride, lust and rebellion. However, Mikos realized he made a mistake. He’d lost his faith, allowed his own pride to rule his heart and head. I enjoyed exploring Mikos redemption. And what I liked best was putting the Archangel Michael in charge of Mikos – the same Archangel who originally tossed out the Fallen.

In exploring the Fallen stories, in Relic Defender: Key of Solomon, I touched on the legend of the Watchers. These angels were not a part of Lucifer's rebellion; they created their own rebellion against God by deciding to leave Heaven, and go to the earth to be with human women. The Watchers, also called Grigori, taught humans things like fire, how to wear make-up and how to fight wars. These angels mated with mortal women who bore the Nephilim, the giants of legends. In Relic Defender: The Death Skull, book 2 of the series that comes out in August 2012, I touch more on the legends especially since I have a fallen angel who doesn’t want to be redeemed. Or so she thinks.

There are lots of stories surrounding Fallen Angels, the Watchers and Nephilim. Do a search on any of these and you will find more information than you can take in.

The Relic Defender series are not necessarily stories of faith, at least, not faith as taken to mean believing in God. These are stories of choices, destiny and finding your own way. And that maybe what you think you want is quite different than what’s in your heart.

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  1. What a great post; it was quite interesting and informative. I'll need to do some research on the Fallen Angels, the Watchers and Nephilim; especially on the Nephilim, they have always interested me.

    I look forward in reading this series; it sounds great!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com


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