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Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Review} Bloodstone (Deadtown #3) by Nancy Holzner

Bloodstone (Deadtown #3)
by Nancy Holzner
Publisher: Ace
Released: September 27, 2011
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Boston’s diverse South End is known for its architecture and great restaurants, not its body count. So when mutilated human corpses begin turning up in the area, the entire city takes notice. The killer—dubbed the South End Reaper—uses a curved blade for his grisly work. And even though there’s no real evidence pointing to a paranormal culprit, the deaths are straining the already-tense relations between Boston’s human and inhuman residents.

As the bodies pile up, Vicky, her formidable aunt Mab, and her werewolf boyfriend Kane investigate, only to find that the creature behind the carnage is after something much more than blood…

Review: This is book the third installment of the Deadtown series. Vicky's story continues, she still battling demon for a living. In this book Vicky isn't just fighting demons but the Old One, uber old vampires. She has to vampire roommate Juliet hide from them. Since they want to make her a guniea pig. There's a crazy demi-demon and serial killer on the loose.
In this installment I learned even more about Mab, Vicky and Gwen's relationship. Which was interesting and helped to learn more about Vicky's race. Mab's history is really interesting and shows what revenge can accomplish. The new characters in this book, help bring out Vicky's personality even more. I saw a different side of Mab, as well as Vicky's sister Gwen. I also liked seeing a more gentle side of Vicky when she deals with her niece. Seeing their relationship from other angles it also give a background on everything.
I basically learned a lot in this book mixed in with the action that takes place. The twist at the end was great and totally unexpected. I'm really enjoying this series and hope there will be more.
Disclaimer: I received this through Bewitching Book Tours, via the author. 

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