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The Next Thing I Knew Book Tour

Our Favorite characters

While a pirate space monkey with a pet aardvark named Edgar might be my idea of a great character, everyone has their opinion on the matter. Great characters can sneak up on us or they might win us over from the moment they open their mouths. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of my favorite characters from novels and here they are in no particular order:

Peeta – The Hunger Games
This dude never gives up on love at first sight and he seems pretty kind-hearted in general. It's something we don't see much of in our world, much less a dystopia where it's every man for himself in the fight for survival. Peeta stays true to Katniss through gladiator battles, war, and even torture. Brainwashing finally does the trick, but not for long. My favorite line of his is at the end of the trilogy: "Real or not real?" I think I might possibly have shed a tear or two when Katniss answered.

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter series
Hermione may be a nerd who believes that all of life's answers are in the library, but if I had to name a person who saved Harry and Ron's lives more than anyone else, it would be Hermione. She was the one who kept her head under pressure and never let a friend down despite how badly they might have treated her, although she did have a few moments of insanity here and there. She was also all about freedom for house elves. Who could be against that? If I had to choose someone to be by my side during the muggle zombie apocalypse, it'd have to be her.

Rose Hathaway – Vampire Academy series
Rose is one of those characters I had a love-hate relationship with. I love that she takes control of situations, never plays the victim, and is fiercely loyal to her friends. On the other hand, she's impatient to a fault and keeps planning to a minimum, preferring to jump first and figure out if she can survive the fall later. I'm pretty sure luck played a huge role in her survival but with her attitude, she's hard to keep down.

Lucy Morgan – The Next Thing I Knew
You just knew I had to fit one of my characters in, right? Well, Lucy wouldn't be one of my characters if I didn't love her. As a writer writes, they usually discover that characters develop minds of their own and make decisions that don't necessarily concur with what the writer might do in that situation. Lucy feels disconnected from events at first, unsure of her place in the scheme of things but when she realizes what she has to do, Lucy puts on her big girl pants and takes charge. And that's why I love her.

Who are your favorite characters and which ones would you want by your side when the zombie apocalypse strikes?

Thanks for being such a gracious host on my blog tour!

The Next Thing I Knew

By John Corwin

Humanity is extinct

When Lucy Morgan drops dead along with everyone else on Earth she refuses to take death lying down even if, technically, her corpse is.

She drags her ghostly social life back from the grave and enlists her friends to figure out the rules of the afterlife. More importantly, they want to discover who or what killed everyone and why the heck anyone would do such a mean thing.

But what they discover changes everything. And if they can't figure out how to put their newfound ghostly powers to work, humanity will be extinct for good.

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