Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{Review} Scream Catcher by Vincent Zandri

Scream Catcher
by Vincent Zandri
Publisher: StoneGate Ink
Release:August 30, 2011
Genre: Adult: Fiction: Thriller, Serial Killer

This is how your life ends: Not with a whimper, but a scream!

Jude Parish is afraid. The former violent crimes cop turned bestselling true crime author has a fear-filled demon lodged inside of him. A demon so real he can only imagine a slimy reptilian beast with scaly skin, black eyes, and razor-sharp fangs having taken up residence inside the place where his once confident and fearless soul resided.

Now, in the wake of his literary success, the ever anxious Jude is hoping to lead a quiet, peaceful life in the idyllic Adirondack vacation town of Lake George, New York with his new pregnant wife, Rosie, and Jack, his young son from a previous marriage. But when Jude becomes the accidental witness to a bizarre “kill game” in which the killer, video game designer and master of disguise, Hector “the Black Dragon” Lennox, insists on recording the screams of his victims prior to shooting them dead, the ex-cop’s life is turned upside down.

When Lennox is arrested by the L.G.P.D. and Jude is asked to act as the state’s “star witness,” he has no choice but to fight his demon-fear and take on the role. But what he doesn’t realize at the time, is that the killer’s arrest is actually the first level in what is a carefully designed and scripted first-person video kill game that will involve his entire family as “players” and “victims.”

How will the kill game end?

Like all violent video games, it will end in death. But it won’t be “Game Over” until Hector Lennox catches the screams of his tortured victims

Review: I actually accepted this because it took place near where I live. Which gave it an extra creepy factor, yet also ruined bits because I kept wondering if places were real or not.
I found the beginning of this book really great. Yet the tension fizzled out shortly after. I really expected more from this book. The stories ok, I liked the concept of the serial killer making his kills into games. Flaunting his souvenirs right in the cops face, well kind of. I found it really unique.
But Jude, the main character, just feel flat for me. I found him boring and kind of whiny. I just couldn't get him, which kind of spoiled the book for me. Which I'm rather upset about because I wanted to like this book.
The books ok, but I was expecting a thrill ride and got the tea cups.

I received this book from the author.

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  1. Shandy

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your review of Screamcatcher. I'm Vincent Zandri's publicist. His father unexpectedly died last week and he's not online. He's usually very good about responding to all the posts on tours but for obvious reasons has not. Nevertheless, I will be sharing your post on his networks and again thank you for your time and review.


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