Friday, May 18, 2012

{Review} Zombie Night in Canada: First Period by Jamie Friesen

Zombie Night in Canada: First Period
by Jamie Friesen
Publisher: Self- Smashwords
Released: February 29th 2012
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Horror, post-apocalyptic, thriller 
How I got it: Received a copy from the author.

Tokyo. Sydney. Beijing. Cairo. Paris. Rome. New York. Los Angeles. One by one, the world’s great cities fell to the zombie plague. What chance does a small, non-descript city in Canada like Edmonton have?

The world as we know it is finished. Civilization has collapsed and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Billions of people are dead, victims of a horrific plague.

Bi-weekly paychecks, Tim Horton’s double doubles, men’s league hockey and cheap winter vacations to Cancun. That was the life Xander Barnes had known for years until a pandemic swept the globe. Efforts to slow its spread or develop quarantine zones, in many cases were too little, too late.

Nowadays, life consisted of avoiding the plague victims, ghouls who had an insatiable appetite for human flesh and finding enough food to survive day to day. How long can one ordinary man survive in a world gone mad? 

Review:  I had a really hard time writing this review. Mainly because this book isn't super great, and it isn't absolutely horrible. It's right dead (no pun intended) center middle of the road. The writings decent, the plot moves along at a good pace, with lots of action to keep you involved and routing for the good guys. There is a lot of head hopping, but for me that wasn't an issue. Yet it might have been the only glaring thing in the book was the misuse of multiple points of view. 
There was a lot of telling and I understood why, but I wish the author could have found a better way to deliver that information. It was necessary that we learn it to know what's going on in the book, but just tossing it in there like that, well it felt like an info dump.  
While there were a lot of characters, Xander, a hockey playing every man, and  Dan, a cop, were the two I became invested in (although I use the term loosely). These were the two prominent characters, in my opinion, and they were good. You could empathize with them, they were average Joes, just trying to survive.
There was one small thing that peeked my interested and that was how the zombies acted and the fact that they became zombiecicles in the winter, that I found to be a stroke of genius. You never see zombies in the winter, except for that one movie with the Nazi zombies but I'm off track. The other thing that sets this book apart from others is it's set in Canada (if you didn't get that from the title) which gives it kind of a unique feel. If you're a fan of Night of the Living Dead movies then you'll probably like this book. 


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