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Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Review} Panty Raid @ Zombie High by Rusty Fischer

Panty Raid @ Zombie High
by Rusty Fischer
Released: October 26th 2011
Genre: Fiction- YA: Horror, Zombie
How I got it: A copy provided by the author

Toby’s best friend, and unrequited love, Molly Harper has gone missing. Molly’s boyfriend, “Spud,” thinks he knows where she’s been taken: the mysterious Zombie High, where Spud’s father just happens to be in charge of the top-secret medical facility famous for its work rehabilitating teenage zombies. Armed with blueprints, passwords, keys and codes, Spud and Toby are ready to make an all-out assault on Zombie High and rescue their fair Molly.
There’s just one problem: Toby and Spud are the biggest wimps at Cypress Cove High and need some muscle along for the ride in case any of the zombies get loose. That’s where Boner and Zack come in. Two of the football team’s biggest players, the jocks are easily conned into joining Spud and Toby on their fictional “panty raid” the minute Spud calls them “chicken” for not accepting his challenge to spend the night at Zombie High.
When Zack and Boner show up to accept the challenge, however, they don’t come alone; they bring their two girlfriends, Lilac and Haley, along for the ride. With events spiraling out of control and zombies lurking around every corner, will Toby and Spud even survive their night at Zombie High, let alone rescue Molly?

Review:I was reading Vampire's Drool Zombie's Rule and Zombie's Don't Cry when I request this book so I was kind of on a Rusty Fischer roll. I thought it would be pretty much the same as these two as they had simular form. Boy was I wrong. While it still has Mr Fischer's style and flare, it's not the same.
Toby and Spud are two human teens who plan to save their friend Molly from Zombie High. Not what your thinking well at least it wasn't what I was thinking. But before they young men can save Molly they need a little help. They trick two jocks into helping them, by challenging Boner and Zach to go on a panty raid at zombie high. Now zombie panties aren't any regular old underwear they are these special fancy things that can control zombies. So the jocks show up with their girlfriends in tow. Once inside things get really interesting. The teens discover that things aren't what they thought or expected.
The story itself was interesting and action packed with lots of unexpected twists and turns. Although I did feel Toby kept getting the short end of the stick by being the good guy. He was a good character and I found myself pulled into his predicament. Although I didn't feel he really came into his own until about  half way through. For me this was a quick entertaining read. If your into zombies give it a try, Mr Fischer had an interesting take on them and a unique way with the YA genre.


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