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Thursday, July 5, 2012

{Review} The Catalyst (Preternaturals #3) by Zoe Winters

The Catalyst (Preternaturals #3)
by Zoe Winters
Publisher: Incubooks
Released: June 6th 2012
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Paranormal Romance
How I got it: Was sent a copy by the author

It started with one lost, shivering pup; it may end in a war...
Panthers don’t do responsibility. They don’t do long-term relationships. They definitely don’t raise kids. But when Z discovers a young wolf in the forest, he takes him in, unaware of the powerful beings hunting the pup.
Fiona is a witch who can’t leave her house; the birds have told her something bad will happen. The mailbox is as far as she’ll go, but even that may provide more danger than she’s bargained for. When a wolf pup stumbles into her garden, her safe, wrapped-up world heads for a free fall.
But along with danger, the pup brings a chance at love—a chance an agoraphobic witch and a bachelor panther shifter aren’t likely to find on their own.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Catalyst is an ensemble book that also features Jane and Cole (from Blood Lust) and Cain (from Blood Lust and Save My Soul)

Review: This sounded so good, yet was a huge disappointment. Fiona was whiny, I got she was agoraphobic but things just didn't add up. I felt it was more of an excuse than an actual reason. Her rational about being safe as long as she's in doors doesn't really seem right. And to be honest clearly she wasn't because hello were-panther jumped through her window and was close to killing her. So it seems she's just in danger where ever she it.
Z, I found to be a self absorbed jerk. Granted he took in a wolf-pup yet he didn't seem to really want it around and found the poor thing more of an inconvenience than anything else. He knew what he did to women and used it to his full advantage with Fiona. Which was seriously unfair, but the thing that irked me the most was Fiona let him. I really felt bad for the little pup who was mixed up in all this. Having whiny crazy lady and over testosterone under sexed were-panther as guardians.
Unfortunately I couldn't get passed my dislike of these two to get caught up in the story. Which had a good prospect if it hadn't been for the main characters. Sorry this just wasn't for me.

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