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Book Tour: Litria Guest Post by Jolie du Pre

Zxxtergins Are Not Vampires or Werewolves

I'm a monster lover, and I adore vampires and werewolves...but what is an Zxxtergin?  Zxxtergins are introduced in the horror/paranormal THE M SERIES.  They are little-known monsters who have roamed the earth since the fifth century.  Zxxtergin is pronounced: X - Ter - Gin.

1. Zxxtergins look human

Is your neighbor an Zxxtergin? These creatures, many of whom are exceptionally beautiful, look human and, generally, act human. However, Zxxtergins are definitely not a part of mankind. For one thing, human beings live up to about 100 years. An Zxxtergin's life span is 1,000 years.

2. An X loves the taste of blood

An Zxxtergin (or X for short) doesn't feed on burgers or salads or milkshakes or pasta. An X feeds on humans. Similar to vampires, they love the taste of blood, and, similar to vampires, they need it to survive. But it's not just blood that Zxxtergins have a passion for; they love human organs too - livers, kidneys, intestines and especially the heart. A human heart to an Zxxtergin is like chocolate to a human.

3. Zxxtergins have fangs and claws that emerge during killing and feeding

So if you're an X, and you capture a human (which isn't too hard to do, by the way), how do you get to the good stuff?

When an Zxxtergin is ready to kill, it gets extremely excited. As a result, its fangs and claws appear. (Fangs and claws are perfect for tearing a human body open.) After an X feeds, its fangs and claws retreat back into its body.

4. An X is produced in two ways

1) Similar to the legend of the vampire, an X can bite the neck of a human and turn that human into an Zxxtergin.

2) An X can mate with another X and have an Zxxtergin baby.

5. There's two sure ways an Zxxtergin dies

Zxxtergins die of old age at 1,000 years. Or if you want to kill one before that, shoot it in the head. (It doesn't have to be a "silver bullet.")


LITRIA starts off THE M SERIES – an exciting new series of novellas by Jolie du Pré chronicling the Buscetto family, their deeds, and their victims.

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Who’s lurking in Layneworth?

It’s the Buscettos—a charming family who live in a nice house?

Not quite.

The Buscettos look human, but they’re not human. They’re Zxxtergins, a type of little-known monster who has roamed the Earth since the fifth century. The youngest Buscetto, beautiful eighteen-year-old Litria, is in search of gorgeous females for sex, followed by food. Her nightly behavior wrecks havoc, causing her family to fear exposure and resulting in grave concern, extra work, and late nights for Layneworth detectives.

When nude and mutilated dead women appear, almost daily, across Layneworth, Detective Brenda Martin, and her partner Robert Moretti, are on the case. The mayor, before his untimely demise, preached to beware of werewolves, and few believed him. But as the killings increase, Brenda thinks she may have more than just a serial killer on her hands. Will Brenda discover the true monsters, and what happens if she does?

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