Monday, November 26, 2012

{Book Review} Amanda's Story by Brian O'Grady

Amanda's Story
by Brian O'Grady
Publisher: Story Plant, The
Released:November 13th 2012
Genre: Fiction- Adult: medical suspense
How I got it: Was sent a copy from the publisher

In his national bestseller HYBRID, Brian O'Grady created a bracing and vividly realized tale of a virus gone out of control. At the center of that story was Amanda Flynn, a woman not killed by the EDH1 virus, but changed in frightening ways. HYBRID only hinted at the story of Amanda's work in Honduras that led to her exposure and the ramifications when the American government sought to contain the damage. Now, that story can be told. AMANDA'S STORY is the heart-stopping tale of a woman caught up in a storm she wanted no part of, and what happens when she refuses to be collateral damage. It is the story that readers of HYBRID have been waiting for and that new readers will find impossible to put down.

Review: I haven't read Hybrid, yet I figured given this is a prequel it wouldn't matter. I was sort of right, I think it might have lost something from not having read the other book. I felt that maybe there were things I may have understood better had I read Hybrid. With that said this was still a very gripping book. Watching Amanda change from a quite demur woman into this fierce almost psychopath was amazing.
The story starts after Amanda has faced a great lose and is trying to sort out her life. Her husband and son where killed in a plane crash and she is the sole survivor. In an effort to do something with her life, she joins the Red Cross and is assigned to go to Honduras. There she is changed in drastic ways her mind is twisted and not only by a vicious virus  I felt that once again seeing people around her, some she cared about die may have effected her as well. Her outlook on the world is changed.
The section of the book while Amanda is in Honduras was probably the most interesting part as she struggles with her changes. After that Amanda begins moving down a very dark road.
This was defiantly a page turner for me and I had a hard time putting it down. Although I found the end to drag a bit. I really like stories where a person changes and grows in ways visible in the book. Usually these changes are for the better, yet I enjoyed the change of pace, Amanda's Story offered. It was a different type of read for me, and while some of the medical stuff was over my head, it was still a good book.

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