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{Book Review} South of Hell (Louis Kincaid #9) by P.J. Parrish

South of Hell (Louis Kincaid #9)
by P.J. Parrish
Publisher: Pocket Star
Released: July 29th 2008
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Suspense, Thriller
How I got it: Received a copy from the publisher

Dig up the past. Pay the price.
With one phone call from a man he barely recalls meeting years ago, South Florida detective Louis Kincaid heads to the Michigan town of his college days to reopen a disturbing cold case -- and finds himself confronting his own painful past secrets...secrets that risk his future with the woman he loves, detective Joe Frye. Ann Arbor police detective Jake Shockey wants Kincaid's help in the case of Jean Brandt, who went missing nine years ago -- and whose husband, Owen, has since been paroled. Now, Owen Brandt's girlfriend appears to be at risk, and Shockey is desperate to get involved. Kincaid soon unearths the deeply personal reasons why...and with Joe Frye assisting, Kincaid links yesterday's jealousies with today's potentially lethal vengeance. It's only a matter of time before one will win out over the other -- and before Kincaid's own shattering revelations will be forced out into the light of day.

Review: I haven't decide what to make of Louis Kincaid yet. Which make it a little hard to write this. I feel he plays his hand very close to the vest and that made it hard for me to get a read on the character. Yet that would also make him very good at his job. I feel I need to mention that I haven't read any of the other Louis Kincaid books, and while this is number 9 I had no trouble understanding it so South of Hell may be read as a stand-alone with no problems. The characters main Louis and his girlfriend Joe do talk about other times, which I assume were scenes from the previous books. This give the characters a nice back story, and allowed me to see where these two stood with each other as well as understand their relationship a bit better. I wasn't that crazy about Joe when she was first introduced in the book, but as it progressed and she became warmer with Amy I began to like her.
The beginning of the book itself threw me for a loop and I was instantly pulled in trying to figure out how it fit into the plot, lets just say all is revealed and then Ms Parrish shows us even more. The missing woman/ murder was pretty straight forward there's really no trying to figure out who dunit. Personally I was pulled into the book by Amy's story. The poor kid literally and figuratively when through Hell and back. Her unstable world is turned this way and that like a leaf in the wind as this case digs up buried family secrets.
I was more interested in Amy and the case, than Louis personal dealings. The whole side story where he finds out he has a daughter and tries to reconnect didn't really interest me at all. I thought it made him look like a dick. Which left me on the fence about him given how he acted with Joe and Amy. So we'll have to see if Mr Kincaid grows on me as I read some more of Ms Parrish's books. Because with that aside I did enjoy the plot and how Ms Parrish dropped her unexpected literary bombs.

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