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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{Book Review} Castle's Fortress by Rhonda Lee Carver

Castle's Fortress
by Rhonda Lee Carver
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc
Released: September 19th 2011
Genre:Fiction- Adult: Paranormal Romance, mystery
How I got it: received a copy from the publisher

One hundred years ago, a little girl died mysteriously. Twenty years ago, another followed. Today, Fall Winters has to find out why. The last person Jake Castle expects to see again is Fall Winters. Twenty years ago, they were been best friends, until her father killed his sister. He left her and his sleepy hometown--and all the memories in it. He didn't want a stroll down memory lane, especially with her. Fall has never believed her father was guilty. He was responsible for a lot of things, but not kidnapping and killing a teenage girl. Now, Fall's own sister is missing under similar circumstances. It looks like she was right. She must find her sister alive and prove the connection between the cases, not to mention her father's innocence. Fall turns to the only person she can trust--Jake.Jake agrees to help Fall on one condition: They never step foot in the ramshackle haunted house that almost left Fall dead when she was ten. Jake wants to believe the ghost they saw that night was a figment of his imagination. But as they delve further into the mystery surrounding the kidnappings, Jake begins to realize there is a connection to the house, and a stronger one with Fall. He knows it's time to face his fears--and the feelings inside his heart that lead him straight to Fall.

Review: Castle's Fortress was a quick entertaining read. The book starts twenty years in the past, when Fall and Jake as kids explore an abandon house. They are looking for clues to locate Jake's sister Crystal, who's missing. Twenty years later, Fall's sister goes missing under similar circumstances. With the cops hitting a dead end, Fall turns to Jake. They have a connection, that helps Fall's mental powers become stronger. At first Jake refuses but then caves.
Even as kids Fall and Jake had chemistry, once their older it becomes a sizzling energy. I liked both characters. Fall is a strong head strong woman, although I did think the fact that she was poor was over used. Jake is protective, which is not only shown in his attitude toward Fall, but also his choice of work. I really wish there had been more clues to work with. The end was a surprise but only because I didn't have the facts. I felt that using Fall's powers were a bit of a cop-out. The romance aspect was really well done. I liked seeing Jake and Fall getting back together. The plot moved forward well and was engaging, yet the mystery aspect fell a little short in my opinion. Still it was a good book.

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