Saturday, April 13, 2013

Compost/ Worm Farm

So I put together the worm farm, earlier in the week, I was sick of hubby's worms being in the refrigerator. I'm pretty sure it's not good for our food or the worms. They now have a plastic coffee can, full of left over potting soil, some green beans that I forgot were in the crisper, coffee grounds, orange peels, and tea bags.

Here's what I did, of course little man "helped", we put the potting soil, and compost in the coffee can while hubby drilled holes in the lid. Once we had that in we mixed it up, then dumped in the worms.This was little man's favorite part. They are now living comfortably in the dark back corner under my kitchen sink.

Air holes so they can breath.

Just a regular old coffee can

Yummy! Maybe if you're a worm.

Since it's such a small container I've only tossed a little bit of compost in with them enough to keep them from getting hungry. Once the weather warms up (which I'm beginning to doubt will ever happen we got snow, SNOW!, yesterday) we're going to get a bigger tote and move the whole thing outside. This way I'll have a compost bin and Hubby will have fresh fish worms. Win/Win!

If you're thinking about building you're own worm farm check out this site it has some good advice Kingston Worm Farm - Worm FAQ  I'm not affiliated with this site I just found the information useful and most basic for what I was doing.

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