Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mini Herb Garden and Science Project

A couple weeks ago I got a small herb garden, the kind that goes in the window. The plants have started coming up, which is kind of cool since I have a brown thumb when it comes to most plants. My son was watching Sesame Street and saw a science project where they took a seed and put it in a glass jar to watch in sprout. So we got some seeds and put them in a jar with paper towels so we could watch them grow. When they started to grow I got a second garden and instead of putting the seeds in I transplanted the sprouts.

Mine are on the left, kids on the right

A close up of the kids planter, most the plants haven't com up yet, but if you look close there are a few at the end.
We also got the kids each their own little greenhouse planters. I just wish Little Man would stop dropping his, if he doesn't there won't be any dirt left to grow the plants.

Next project is going to be a worm farm, mainly this is for Daddy to have fishing bait. But I thought it would be kind of neat for the kids as well.


  1. The dirt from the worms are great for the plants also - when you get some worms going, the soil gets a little darker, then you can mix in with plants and it's richer for them. (maybe you already know this). Anyway, it's like a triple bonus - kid project, dad's bait and plant food. :)

    1. You're right, I didn't even think of that. Thanks. :)


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