Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yard Plans

So earlier this week we pulled all the plants, decorations, and rocks from my front flower bed. Hubby made me some planters from wood he'd bought home when he was working. He made two, one is at the end of our driveway and the other is out back. I'm going to put flowers and herbs in the one by the driveway, and veggies in the one out back.

We are also going to take an old bench remove the top and hinges, fill it with dirt and flower. But first I need more dirt, and it seems pretty silly to buy the stuff when there's so much under our feet. I just have to find some, that won't make a huge hole in my lawn. Think my neighbors would mind a hole in theirs?  Doesn't matter the weather needs to cooperate before I plant any thing anyway. It snowed today, nothing stuck, but still.
I started a few plants at least I tried, the planter with the watermelons fell so I'm not sure what will make it and what won't. I'm not even sure they'll sprout. It's a wait and see deal.

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