Sunday, May 5, 2013

Boardwalk Trail in Cranberry Lake

Beaver Dam
Yesterday we went hiking again. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Grandma watched the kids so it was just me and Hubby. Unfortunately we got a late start, we had decided to do the Bear Mtn trail, but the campground in Cranberry Lake was still closed and the gates were down so we went to the Brandybrook trail head and took the Boardwalk trail over. This adds about 4 miles to the 3 something mile trail up Beat Mtn. Being early in the year the trail hasn't been cleaned yet, so there are downed tree along the route and lots of brambles. The area is just full of blackberry or raspberry bushes, not sure which since the berries haven't come out yet. I wore Capri's and my shines/calves are just covered in scratches.
There was a really pretty area near a beaver meadow. You can see the dam and if you follow it back a bit
there is a lake with the beaver lodge. I wasn't very impressed with the board walk sections as they are nothing more than boards that you walk on over marshy areas. We get to the bottom of Bear Mtn, but due to time constraints and having to pick up the kids we had to turn back there. Hopefully later in the year we'll be able to do the Mtn trail. I did get sun burnt and sun sickness, so I was not feeling good when we got home. So make sure you have proper sun wear.
I wouldn't suggest taking kids down this trail until it was cleared and even then it might be a bit worrisome with the water. 


  1. Sounds like it was a difficult hike, but you enjoyed it anyway!

    1. It was and we did! We're trying to work our way up to harder trails, maybe even some big mountains.


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