Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{Book Review} Dead Peasants: A Thriller by Larry D. Thompson

Dead Peasants: A Thriller
by Larry D. Thompson
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Released: October 2nd 2012
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Thriller, legal thriller
How I got it: Received a copy from the author

Veteran trial lawyer Larry D. Thompson has decades of courtroom experience in his home state of Texas on controversial and important trials. Now, in Dead Peasants, Thompson has delivered a fast-moving and suspenseful legal thriller featuring a retired lawyer whose life gets turned upside down when a stranger asks for help.
Jack Bryant, exhausted after a high-profile career as a lawyer, takes an early retirement in Fort Worth, Texas, where he plans to kick back, relax, and watch his son play football at TCU. But then an elderly widow shows up with a check for life insurance benefits and that is suspiciously made payable to her dead husband’s employer, Jack can’t turn down her pleas for help and files a civil suit to collect the benefits rightfully due the widow. A chain of events that can’t be stopped thrusts Jack into a vortex of killings, and he and his new love interest find themselves targets of a murderer.
Gripping, engaging, and written with the authority that only a seasoned lawyer could possess, Dead Peasants is a legal thriller that will stun and surprise you.

Review: Jack Bryant is a lawyer who after winning a hefty case, decides he's tired and want to retire, but after a few months realizes it isn't all it's cracked up to be.  He sets up an office to offer pro bono law advice and services for those who can't afford it, by doing this he becomes friends with some guys at the place next door. One dies and Jack ends up helping his widow, when she receives a check for life insurance, that is made out to his ex-employer, who he hasn't worked for in year. On top of that he's new gal pal, Colby runs into a world of trouble and Jack takes it upon himself to help her.
 I wasn't sure if I was going to like Jack, when I started this book, but as the story progressed he grew on me. His devotion to his family and Colby was unquestionable. I really liked how he was willing to help those less fortunate. 
As for the plot the build up in the beginning was a little slow, but the information was needed to understand what was going on. The story had me on the edge of my seat. As the bodies and insurance checks build up. Yet it was mostly because I wanted to know if Jack would win his case. I felt bad for the widow and her children, who were being screwed out of money they could use.
I really thought I had it figured out, so the ending shocked and surprised. Which was great and completely unexpected. The legal aspect was well done, and at times made my head spin since I have very little legal knowledge but it made the book more realistic.
I really enjoyed the book and thought Mr  Thompson did a wonderful job.



  1. Hi, Shandy Jo. Thanks for reading and reviewing my book. I had a lot of fun writing it and I am pleased that most readers have really enjoyed it. I've gotten many requests for more Jack Bryant stories. Up until now I have written "stand alones". However, with Jack doing pro bono work out of his RV, there's no telling who will come knocking at his door with an interesting problem. So, you'll see him again, probably in 2014. Thanks again. Larry Thompson

  2. Fantastic review. I agree with you, I am currently reading this book, it is a page turner! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I am looking for another great page turner so thanks for this review. I blasted through a new book by Jonelle Patrick, Fallen Angel, I just could not put it down! She writes very good thrillers, to take a peek at her stuff. This review has me sold, so thank you!


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