Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lakeview Wild Life Management Area

So I managed to get the sliver out without resorting to cutting it out. Even though it wasn't warm warm we decided to take the kids down to the Lakeview Wild Life Management area. There's a trail that leads to just down from Southwicks Beach. The wind was crazy and cold, coming in off the lake. We had a picnic on the beach, which meant sand got in EVERYTHING. We hadn't been down this trail in a while, but it's short and pretty. Also close by, well closer than Adirondacks.
Dune area
The trail starts off behind a field, with a pond on one side the field on the other. As you follow the trail is curves going toward the lake. The trail is very pretty with lots of wildflowers there are many honeysuckle bushes and a wide variety of flowering plants. One area of the trail goes through a swampy area, or low area if the weather has been dry. In the forested areas of the trail the wind is pretty much completely blocked, so there the bugs are pretty bad. I'd suggest some bug spray or long clothes. There is a very nice spot just before the dunes, a marsh area feeds into the pond behind the trail and there's a bridge over the stream that leads between the two. Just after that the trail reaches the dune area. There are bridges over the dunes, which leads to the beach you are not aloud on the dunes. I wouldn't want to walk on the dunes any way since there is a ton of poison ivy plants in there.
Once you reach the beach if you walk to the right you'll hit Southwicks beach. There is actually an off shoot on the trail that leads over to the beach grounds. We haven't taken it yet, but it's there. If you look across the lake you can see Three Mile Nuclear Power plant which is impressive and creepy all at the same time.
Left side of beach with weird log stuck in the sand

power plant
The trail is about 3miles total in and out. It's easy and a really nice hike to take kids on.

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