Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bear Mtn- Cranberry Lake

Today we did the Bear Mtn Trail in Cranberry lake. If you remember a few weeks ago Hubby and I did the Boardwalk trail which connects to this trail, but since we had the kids this time we went in from the Cranberry lake campgrounds. We did the 3.6 mile loop. Which starts at the campground goes up one side of the mountain and back down the other, then follows the camp road back to the trail head. The ascent starts of fairly gentle then becomes steeper as you get toward the summit.
Becasue of the recent storms and rain the trail was muddy and slippery. We crossed a couple streams.

 Hubby and the kids took to turning over dead logs to see if they could find newts, salamanders, frogs etc. They found several salamanders, all my son wanted to bring home and we had to convine him we couldn't.
My daughter and I saw a baby bird near the summit. I think it might have been trying to learn how to fly.

Since there were no signs I'm not sure if we were at the look out or summit when I took these picture. But the view was spectactular.

The way down was much steeper than the trail up both kids and the Hubby fell on the slippery rocks. I did slip but managed to keep my footing, barely not turning my ankle. Little Man went head over teakettle a couple times, although the second time I think it was more for attention. Both the kids did really good, I only had to carry Little Man like three times because he was being stubborn and getting tired.
I really liked this trail, it was a nice family trip and if you are so inclined you can camp at one of the sites.
Just because we couldn't find it, to get into the camp ground it's $8.00 for a car or $2.00 for walk-ins and $20.00 over night.  Oh and bring your bug spray, I had a punkie fly into my ear, I'm highly allergic so now my ear is all swelled up and hurts like the dickens.

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