Friday, June 28, 2013

Diet Sabotage

It's sabotage. Sabotage I tell you! They infiltrated the fridge and put a Cherry Cheesecake in there. They knew I couldn't resist...(sob) now I'm back up a pound.
Don't look or it'll get you too!
Ok truth, lately I have been very stressed hubby is out of work, kids are home from school, money's tight, bills have to get paid, family drama, etc and so forth. Hubby thought he was being nice bring home my favorite comfort food. The thing is I have been fighting very hard not to stress eat, which is something I do when I get well stress out. Then he puts that delicious Cherry Cheesecake in the fridge and all will power is gone. As bad as I know it is I say ok, I'll have one piece and count it as my lunch. Stupid move, I ended up eating a little over half the cake in one day, the kids ate the rest. I did an extra twenty five minutes of aerobic activity to help even it out, but still gained a little over a pound.
It's my own fault for having no will power, I mean no one held a gun to my head and forced it down my throat. I'll just have to keep going forward and not let this little hick-up bother me. I'm going to tell Hubby that next time just get me gummy bears (second favorite comfort food) I can control myself around them. Wonder if there's a healthy cheesecake recipe out there or gummy bear cheesecake...

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