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Friday, July 5, 2013

{Book Review} Allison Hewitt Is Trapped (Zombie #1) by Madeleine Roux

Allison Hewitt Is Trapped (Zombie #1)
by Madeleine Roux
Publisher:St. Martin's Griffin
Released:January 18th 2011
Genre: Fiction- Adult: post-apocalyptic
How I got it: Bought

"One woman's story as she blogs - and fights back - the zombie apocalypse"

Allison Hewitt and her five colleagues at the Brooks and Peabody Bookstore are trapped together when the zombie outbreak hits. Allison reaches out for help through her blog, writing on her laptop and utilizing the military's emergency wireless network (SNET). It may also be her only chance to reach her mother. But as the reality of their situation sinks in, Allison's blog becomes a harrowing account of her edge-of-the-seat adventures (with some witty sarcasm thrown in) as she and her companions fight their way through ravenous zombies and sometimes even more dangerous humans.

Review: I had mixed feelings about this book.
Allison is at work when the zombie apocalypse happens she and her co-workers hide in the break room managing to survive for awhile in there on junk food. Allison blogs about how she and the others survive, their trials and how they are doing in an effort to locate help.
I liked the delivery of this is was unique, having the main character blogging. There were even comment from other survivors under the "posts". It was interesting.
The beginning is a little slow, mainly because for the majority of it they are locked in the break room. Mostly it's them bickering about what to do and whats going on. Things pick up as Allison convinces them they need to leave and move upstairs. Finally some zombie killing, they meet another survivor who makes Allison question herself. She makes some bad decisions, and we see a very violent side to her. The thing is Allison had a habit of making reckless and bad decisions, yet people followed her because she was strong. People kept dropping around her and she'd just pick up more strays. It bugged me, even though yeah she felt bad and tried to go off on her own, she couldn't shake those loyal followers.
Another thing that disappointed me was the reviews claimed this to be funny, other than a few one liners I didn't find it witty or humorous. The plot was ok, but there was a lot of lag when they were in the break room, and at university. I might have stopped reading if the religious zealots hadn't kidnapped Allison. It finally broke up the boring parts.
Over all it was an ok book, but had it's issues.

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