Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I was accosted by a fish!!

So we went hiking this morning and took the canoe out this afternoon. Yay two fer one, since MIL took the kids. We crammed as much in today as we could. Anyway we took the canoe out to a fishing access area nearby. Hubby did some fishing, I got a good workout and some sun. Took these pics...
Blue Heron that took off as we passed

lily pads and shore line from canoe

more lily pads with lilies

Turtle that was to bad ass to jump in the water like every turtle else

As we were floating around I kept seeing fish jump out of the water, and we'd paddle over he'd toss out the line and nada. So finally we were paddling back and these fish started jumping right next to the boat. Suddenly one jumped up and smacked me on the arm. I jumped screamed, nearly knocked the boat over freeze when I realize I almost flipped the boat then swear like a sailor as hubby laughs at me. He claims it to be the best fishing story ever and has told everyone we know. Next time I'm going armed with a pole.


  1. OMG - maybe it wanted to SPAWN with you. heehee...those fish are crazy, aren't they? lol Glad you didn't tip over.

    1. Eww, LOL. Come to ind out the carp will jump at boats because they hate them... at least that's what hubby says. Thanks


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