Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Macsherry Trail, Alexandria Bay

The mother-in-law took the kidlets today so Hubby and I went hiking first a small 3 mile trail north of Alexandria Bay call the Macsherry Trail. It's a nice trail very rocky and marshy. It's a decently maintained trail, with bridges over the bad swampy areas and some muddy places. There's what looked like a hunter blind in and area looking over a pond. The trails marked ok, some spots you had to guess but not to bad. We did it in about an hour, because we half hiked half fast walked it.

It's not a bad hike but the bugs were crazy and I forgot to grab the bug spray. Which is why we fast walked through some of the really bad spots. Other than a few scenic water views there's really not much to look at and seeing a highway along with a group of party barges kind killed those

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