Thursday, July 11, 2013

{Review} Skechers Shape Ups

I got these about a year or so ago during a 50% off sale at Kohl's I think I paid like 25 for them, they were already marked down. Anyway my mom had a pair which she loved and I wanted to try them. I think these are the most comfortable shoes I own. As you can tell from the pictures they are well worn and are holding up well. The foam sole absorbs the shock of walking, and feels really good. Down sides for these shoes when you buy them you have to get used to the sole of the shoe and walking in them. With the sole curved it's easy to misstep and twist your ankle.
Although personally I love the rocking motion, it forces you to walk a certain way, which can take some getting used to. I've found I can't really run in these shoes, since they are designed as a walking shoe. The shape of the shoes isn't right for running. I also can't hike in these shoes, really uneven ground and the curved shape don't go together. So basically they're really only good for walking around a town or well maintained trails. Yet I still love them. I have to say I really don't think they tone my legs all that much, but I have found when I don't wear them for a awhile like during the summer when I mostly wear sandals then start wearing them again, my legs do hurt slightly like I'm using muscles that I wasn't before. Yet this could just be because of the way the shoes make me walk. So maybe they don't do what they claimed, but hey they are are a comfortable shoe that's well made.

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