Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chaumont Barrens

The Chaumont Barrens are a 2 mile trail through some pretty cool forest and areas. It's whats called an Alvar landscape which has a lot of thin soil on top of limestone. The trail has a lot of tall grass which can hide rock holes so watch your footing.
There are fossils along the trail which are interesting. I love all the wild edibles along the trail, it's cool figuring out which are edible and aren't. (Although I don't pick and eat anything.)
We did this trail a couple days ago, but have done it several times over the past couple years. I actually forgot to put the memory card in my camera so the pictures are from about 1-2 years ago. So you should know it's grown up a lot more and the trail hasn't been maintained as well as some. There are no trees down or anything but the brush has started encroaching. Some of the markers are down, so you have to be careful your not going off the trail.

It's a good trail it take the kids on as it's easy to hike and there aren't any hills or really bad spots. There are some cracks in the limestone which you have to watch your footing on, but they're not to bad and there are signs warning you.

Another thing that is great with kids is the fossils. If they are quiet there is a lot of wildlife in this area as well.

 Most of the trail is brush, and high grass without any shade so make sure you have sun block and water. Or just go on a cloudy day. There is some forested area toward the end of trail which is pretty cool. There is a growth of ceder, it's gnarled and very interesting. Another area is mostly new growth and reclaimed farmland.

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