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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Old MacDonald's Farm

Our visit to Old MacDonald's Farm. We were going to go for a walk/picnic at Wehle State Park, but instead opted to take the kids to Old MacDonald's Farm. It's a large petting zoo type farm, if you've never heard of it. They have goats, pony rides, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, peacocks, emu, reindeer, mule, donkeys, llamas, and a hay ride. The kids can interact with pretty much everything, feeding the animals and petting them.

The kids had fun and it got us out of the house. The hay ride was pretty lame, but the kids got to feed pigs, more goats, and the cows. They also had fun on the pony ride. Which was also kinda lame for the price, but what do you expect. All in all it was fun and I got kind of nostalgic, remembering when I was little and lived on a farm. I kinda miss all the animals and taking care of them. My daughter wants a bunny now too, although after having Guinea Pigs in the trailer I'm hesitant to have one in here. The smell is not something I care to repeat.

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