Monday, August 5, 2013


So after yesterdays little outburst I decided I needed a free day to not worry about my diet and working out on top of everything else. Today I'm pushing the reset button and starting over at least exercise wise. I also bought a journal to write everything down in, I think this will help keep me honest about how much I'm eating and drinking. I want to start drinking more water as well so I'll be keeping tabs on that as well as calories, etc. I think by having a physical journal I can grab and write in, it will help keep me on track more than the virtual one's I've been using. I'm thinking of using it like a diary as well so when I get hit by those emotional cravings I can write down what I'm feeling/ craving and maybe beat them instead just rolling with them.
I know that's a big reason for my snacking on junk food. Especially right now with so much stress, and upheaval going on in my life.

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