Thursday, February 27, 2014

{Book Review} Goddess Spells for Busy Girls: Get Rich, Get Happy, Get Lucky by Jen McConnel

Goddess Spells for Busy Girls: Get Rich, Get Happy, Get Lucky
by Jen McConnel
Publisher: Weiser Books
Released: February 1st 2014
Genre: Non- Fiction- Adult: Wicca, Magic, Spells
How I got it: Received a copy from the author

Exhausted? Angry? Broke? The Goddesses are here to help!

Goddess magic is powerful magic: with the help of the right goddess, simple spells can yield amazing results. In Goddess Spells for Busy Girls, Jen McConnel offers 80 spells imbued with the vibrant force of 25 Goddesses from around the globe.

McConnel provides an introduction to 25 celestial ladies, to make sure you are asking the right goddess for help: Athena for memory retention, Aphrodite to gain confidence, Persephone to find you path, and Sekhmet to prevent illness. Each section includes the history and lore behind the goddess, and three simple spells to invoke her help:

Health and wellness (Athena, Sekhmet, Amaterasu, Sarasvati, and Oya)
Relationships (Aphrodite, Persephone, Mary, Hera, and Parvati)
Hearth and home (Brigid, Hestia, Juno, Bast, and Changing Woman)
Travel and protection (Kali, Isis, Hecate, Artemis, and Gaia)
Abundance and fortune (Lakshmi, Kuan Yin, Hathor, Demeter, and Fortuna)
Group magic

For the busy young woman who wants it all but needs help getting it, Goddess Spells for Busy Girls can help you achieve love, balance, protection, and abundance in your life.

Review: I found to be a plethora of information, I liked the background on all the different Goddesses. Some I was familur with some I wasn't. There were the major Goddesses but also less known ones, that are powerful but tend to get less attention today. I liked the variety of spells and the ease at which most were accompliseh. The majority using everyday household items. Many of the spells were self- interest spells, such as finding confidence, creativity, or just giving yourself a magic boast to deal with life in general. I thought this was a great approach to a spell book.
While solitary myself, the group magic was educational. I found the seasonal charts helpful as well. If your interested in working with Goddesses then this is a great source to get you started with magical tools. spells, and knowlege.

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