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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book Tour Providers- Mini Rant

I'm a little irked, I have worked and still work with several book tour companies. Some are professional and have their shit together some not so much. I like working with these companies because it not only gives me fresh content (especially when I'm stumped and sound like the village idiot) and it helps out the authors. And lets face it some of these indie folks need all the help they can get especially when just starting out (I mean promotion wise, not editing wise for those who need clarification). To be completely frank the whole reason I started this blog was to help authors, and get free books. Okaaayy.... not so much the free book part I know where I can get those without all the extra work, but it is a nice perk. Anyhoo the reason I am irked, I have a way of doing things here on the blog. It's not always pretty but this is my blog and I like things a certain way, I am also getting old and crotchety so I do things my way.  Which is why it drives me nuts when Book Tour Providers demand you do things their way. I mean it's my blog, as long as I post the content and get it out to my readers why should the format matter.
I get that they want their banners or a link to the next host etc, that's all fine and dandy they want that promotion too and it gets people looking at the other tours or at least following one. But when they tell me that this has to be here or I have to use certain wordage when doing things, it rubs me the wrong way and I'm probably not going to work with that company again.
It's my blog and let's face it their getting paid to do the work I'm not, the most I can hope for it an increase in traffic and maybe a new reader or two out of the deal.
Am I wrong to feel this way?


  1. No. I don't think you are wrong for wanting things a certain way. I think blog tour host providers try to help authors get their work out and sometimes the newer ones forget that bloggers are as individual as their blogs. Good post.


    1. Grace, thanks. I think you might be right.

  2. Yeah I thought I was supposed to be sharing my views on a way my readers like. I totally get why you would be angry. Thanks for shaping and sorry you had a bad experience

    1. Thanks Aisha, it can be frustrating at times.


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