Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Book Review} Lingerie for Felons by Ros Baxter

Lingerie for Felons
by Ros Baxter
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Released: March 1st 2014 by
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Chick lit, contemporary,
How I got it: Received a copy via NetGalley from the author

If there’s one universal truth, it’s this: You’re always wearing your worst underwear when you land in trouble.

Lola’s parents told her that everyone can make a difference. And she believed them. She’s been fighting the good fights since she was eleven years old. But at 23, Lola falls hard for an Australian stockbroker who thinks Doctors Without Borders is a porno and Joni Mitchell sounds like a harp seal being battered to death. She cuts him loose, but over the next fifteen years, through protests, misunderstandings, humiliating predicaments, and a number of poor underwear choices, their lives and paths continue to converge.

Along the way, Lola learns a few important life lessons: Never wear a red lace thong to a strip search. Make sure you take motion sickness pills if you’re going to the Southern Ocean to save the whales. And sometimes, Mr Right can be all wrong, and Mr Wrong just needs time to find the right path.

Funny, touching, emotional and political, Lingerie for Felons is Bridget Jones meets An Inconvenient Truth, about doing the right thing, finding the right person, and always thinking through your underwear choices.

Review: For me Lingerie For Felons felt more like chick lit than romance. Basically the book follows Lola, a passionite woman who has strong beliefs, a quick temper, and woe to however crosses her path.
To me a lot of Lola's problems stemed from drinking, not that she was an alcholic or anything, she just seemed to get into trouble when she drank. She meets Wayne in a subway while drunk, he's her total opposite and in this case opposites attract. Even though she slaps the title Mister Wrong on him, we can all see they are perfect for one another. Thankfully he keeps popping up in the book, even though Lola won't admit how he makes her feel. For a chick with strong convictions, she's a big coward when it comes to her feelings.
I really wasn't crazy about the format of the book how it jumped from present to past. Granted it worked to move the book along, I just didn't like the way it flowed. Personally I think Lola's family made the book. They were eccentric, loyal, and loving in their own unique way.  I have to admit I totally saw where the end was going, but the twist was still really good. Over all a decent read, with quite a few funny situations.

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