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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Random Rant- Follow Instructions

Dear Authors-
I have a way of doing things here on this blog, they are things that make my life way more manageable. One of those things is having an email address dedicated to getting emails for this blog. Everything is in there all my little OCD ways of organizing and keeping track of all the things I do here on Mama Knows Book. This means that one of the few things I ask when you contact me is to direct your requests to this email. Otherwise 1 I probably won't see it and 2 I will probably just redirect you to resending everything to said email address.
So should you contact me on Linkedin, Facebook, Book Bloggers, etc asking me about how you should go about getting a review request and I reply telling you to send all the information to here do me a huge favor and DO IT!
Please do not ignore everything I said, and then complain that I ignored you. Because guess what? You ignore me, I'm going to ignore you. Childish? Maybe, but I feel it is rude. I went out of my way to explain how you can get your book considered on my blog, and I'm wicked easy.  From my review policy-
 "To submit a book or request a feature please email me at the above address with all the information on your book."
 That's it. I don't ask you to stand on your head and whistle Dixie. Just tell me what the book is about and I'll consider it. All I want is for you guys and gals to send it to so I can keep track.
Is that really to much to ask?

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