Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{Book Review} Sin by Sharron Riddle

by Sharron Riddle
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Released: January 13th 2014
Genre: Fiction- YA: Urban Fantasy
How I got it: Received a copy from the publisher

My name is Sin. I killed a man in self-defense when I was sixteen. Not something a girl wants to brag about. My dad wanted to lock me up in the nut house, but Mom sent me packing to my great aunts in St. Charles, IL. They’re ancient druid priestesses, and they make me look like a pacifist. I’d barely unpacked before the aunts sent me to find the stolen hellhounds. Without the hounds to herd them to the underworld, the souls of the dead are flocking to the cities in murders of crows. If they’re still hanging around after three days, they’ll turn into flesh eating, brain feasting zombies. Van, an annoying but uber-hot Fey Prince, joins us in the hunt to find the hounds before the zombies overrun St. Charles and turn the cities into cemeteries.

Review: I really enjoyed this book. Sin is this struggling young woman, she projects this tough exterior yet underneath she's broken. A horrible incident left her scared physically and emotionally. This makes it hard for her to trust and she has some anger issues. Her dad wants to send her to the nut house, but her mom has other plans and whisks her away to her great- aunts in St. Charles. This is where things really start getting interesting.
Sin sets out with Fea, and Van the hunky Fey Prince to find and return the Hell Hounds. Which have been stolen and now the spirits of the dead are turning into zombies. She begins to learn that maybe her mother wasn't as mad as everyone thought and her life is shrouded in secrets that very few people know. As Sin begins to show more aptitude for her new abilities, and things are relieved I began to wonder if Sin was what everyone thought she was. When Llaw comes into the picture I began to wonder even more. There is also a bit of a love triangle going on here too. I was leaning toward Llaw, but then I like bad boys so go figure. Also Van annoyed the heck out of me.
The plot sucked me in from the beginning and there are a lot of twists and turns. Entertaining and likeable characters. Lots of action. Ms Riddle is a wonderful story teller pulling you into the world she has created. I have to admit a few things didn't quite mesh for me, but over all I really enjoyed this book and I'm hoping for a second.

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