Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{Book Review} The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want: How to be assertive with wit, style and grace by Mary Hartley

The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want: How to be assertive with wit, style and grace
by Mary Hartley
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Released: April 22nd 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: Self-Help
How I got it:NetGalley

Do you feel like you’re not heard but you don’t want to have to scream?

Personal development coach Mary Hartley explains the secrets of assertiveness – of how to communicate with other people in ways that are confident, effective – but also considerate. Mary reveals the simple steps you can take to help you relate to other people honestly and openly in every area of your life – at work, with your friends and family and in your love life. You will discover that you can be true to yourself and your needs without hurting or diminishing other people.

• What assertiveness is and why it matters

• How to avoid aggression, passivity and manipulation

• Tips for handling tricky situations including put-downs and dealing with bullies

• Mastering assertive body language and communication

Packed with practical strategies and exercises, this book will show you how to be confident, assured and proactive – with style.

Review: Ever find a book you needed, right at the exact moment you needed it. Well this was me, and The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want.  I have the personality described as a push-over in the book. Asserting myself hasn't always been an issue, yet let's just say situations change as do people. This book has given me a... ok I'm gonna be frank, it's given me a swift kick in the backside.
Ms Hartley no-nonsense approach to how to assert yourself, without being a witch is great. She breaks everything down, and give real life examples on how to approach others in not only a work setting but your personal life too. She also give information not only to change your outlook and approach but how to deal with conflicting personalities. The book also covers verbal and body language, how to use all your assets to make yourself a better person.
I actually had a job interview on the same day I finished this book, and I applied several of the lessons learned in this book during the interview. While I still don't know if I got the job, I do know that the interviewer recommended me for it. If this was due to the book or not I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure it didn't hurt. I plan to incorporate more of what I learned into my daily life, and while it's not going to happen overnight I do feel that this book did help me work toward becoming a more assertive, and confident women.

ETA: I got the job!!

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