Sunday, April 27, 2014

Robert G. Wehle State Park

Because everybody was pretty much going stir crazy we decided to take a short walk at Wehle State Park. We took the main road which is a gravel path down toward the water then followed the Snakefoot trail along the lake edge, before doubling back around. There wasn't much to see everything is still pretty dead looking, although life is starting to poke up here and there.

The cliffs still have ice and snow on them, but it's really not surprising since it's colder by the lake.

There wasn't much to see, but I love walking by the water. It's calming and relaxing. Not to mention really nice to get out of the house and stretch my legs. I would've like to go farther but DK and the kids weren't up for it, and if I'm being completely honest I'm probably not either after sitting all Winter. Still DK and I are talking about going up to the Adirondacks for our anniversary next month. Maybe I can talk him into a Mother's Day hike too, if I'm lucky and persistent.

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