Thursday, May 1, 2014

{Review} Maxpedition Jumbo E.D.C.™ Versipack®

I received my Maxpedition Jumbo E.D.C.™ Versipack® in khaki (tan) as a birthday present about two years ago. It was originally supposed to be for short local hikes, but I liked the organization so much I used it as an everyday carry (it was my purse) for the longest time. Pull-ups, wipes, and a small first aide kit fit in the back compartment. My wallet and other odds n' ends fit in the main compartment. The front zipper pocket has internal loops that fit pens, and lip balm. The side pocket was perfect for my cell phone and the top pocket was just right to fit a pair of sunglasses. 
This was great for short hikes, I only had to switch out a few things. Add a waterbottle, and some snacks, and we were good to go. The pack is comfortable to wear and the waist belt keeps it from bouncing to much. I wouldn't use it for long hikes, due to the limited amount of water you're able to carry with this. For me this was the only down side to the pack. 
I stopped using it as a purse for one reason only, I kept getting weird looks. The tactical look of the bag made it so folks would give me funny looks. If I had gotten the Fatboy or regular Jumbo
Versipack in pink I probably could have gotten away without the looks. So I switch it to my fishing bag, it had basically the same stuff as my hiking bag but with a small box of tackle. You know hooks and what not.
Now that I'm working I've made it my work bag. The back compartment works as a media pocket holding my Kindle and notebook. The main compartment is just the right size to hold my lunch and snacks for break. Wallet and cell fit in the side pocket, while I keep my headphones stashed in the top. All my extra odds n' ends fit in the various pockets. When riding my bike the waist strap keeps it from bouncing around and getting in my way.
Through all this the bag has held up super well, it has a few stains and a little piling on the back. Although I think that is because the cats thought it would be a good scratching post not due to wear. All the zippers still work, and have the pulls. But I am considering switching the paracord for something more colorful. All the webbing is still in good condition and holding up well. While the bag is a bit pricey I feel it's more than paid for itself with the use I've gotten out of it. 

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