Sunday, May 18, 2014

Whetstone Gulf State Park, Lowville NY

So today is DK and my anniversary. We decided to do the Whetstone Gulf trail in Lowville. This trail is 3 miles according to the parks website, but seems much longer. We've done this trail before and it's kinda hard but not to bad. Mainly it's a steep climb up to the ridge, where it kind of evens out, not completely. Still there are lots of exposed roots and erosion.
This time we headed up the South trail, which it actually the easier side. We've started on the North trail before and I feel it's steeper and more eroded.

The North trial starts with a bridge over a stream that actually runs through the whole gulf.  This is also the beginning of the running trial which we've never gone down.

The trail continues around the ridge of the gorge with some amazing views as long as your not afraid of heights. There are also a lot of small streams and brooks that run down the sides intersecting the trails along the way.

 At intervals along the trail they have these signs. As well as warnings to be on the look out for bears.

We took the side path to the look out which we hadn't made it to before, it has a beautiful view of the farm lands and you can even see the mountains in the distance.

Seriously this picture doesn't do it justice. After that we only hiked about half way down the south trail before turning around. We've both let ourselves go over the winter and couldn't go much farther also we had to get back to collect the kids. It was nice getting out, but really reinforced the fact that I need to get back on a exercise regiment and eat better.

Side note this park has a camp ground, facilities, playground and swimming area. We've even seen college students hunting for fossils in the streams due to the amount of limestone in the area. It's rather popular during the summer months. It's also mildly used in spring and early fall, the trails double a skiing trails in the winter. Although how anyone could ski on those trails is beyond me.

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