Sunday, June 29, 2014

Author's Note: What's going on and in the works

There won't be a part of Lyric posting this week I'm sorry to say. I haven't had time to write very much lately. Usually I write long hand in a notebook then type it up on the weekends when I have more time but I just didn't have the time this weekend. I needed to get caught up on reviews for Mama Knows Books. Also I  had some stuff that I needed to get done for up coming craft fairs, that my mom will be attending as Mabel and Nanny's Designs. I'm making something new which people seem to like, at craft fairs anyway, paracord flip flops.

Pretty neat huh?

I find it unfortunate that we need this pesky little thing called sleep because I would be able to get so much more done without having to do it. Yet if I don't get enough... well lets just say you don't want to be around me.
Anyhoo... I also wanted to let you in on a project I'm working on which I will be revealing between The Survivalista's Book 2 and Book 3. It's something a little different and my first stab at the New Adult genre. I'm hoping to incorporate some fun stuff to go along with it so keep your eyes open for that.
On top of all this stuff I still have to find time to slip in a workout or two, since DK has decided that I am going to get fit right along with him. Yes my friends it's true misery loves company. Just kidding, it's not that bad. I like having something to do with him and hopefully we will be able to get out and do some hiking which I can share. Although given how things are working out it will probably be trails we've already done but hey it gets me out of the house and recharges the batteries (so to speak). I also have a few small exercise based reviews planned, but not sure when I'll get to them. So there you go what's going on and what's in the works.

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