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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

{Book Review} State of Infection by Michael J. Frey

State of Infection
by Michael J. Frey
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Released: March 6th 2014
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Post-Apocalyptic, zombies
How I got it: Author

Just months before the Battle of Central Park and the onset of the Second Civil War, President Obama declares martial law in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as Montoya's encephalopathy spreads.

Despite the military's best efforts, the government falls and Manhattan is reborn as a city-state under a military dictatorship. Survivors Mike Calaf, and Avalon Calendar struggle to survive, caught between the zombies and the new ruler of New York.

But long before the zombie infection, during the First Civil War, Doctor William Jackson (of the Confederate States of America) is trying to unravel the mystery behind this strange new sickness. He knows that if Complex P fails to work, there could be devastating consequences which might influence the future of mankind.

Review: I can sum this up in one sentence- To much  politics, not enough zombie killing. All right I guess I need to expand on this huh?
I felt the book focused to much on the political aspect of the rebuilding and the up coming war with the South. Personally I found this boring and tedious to read. I didn't like Micheal the main character, I thought he was a pervy prick. Instead of thinking about survival, he was to busy trying to get into Avalon's pants.  Avalon was way more useful than Micheal but I still didn't really like her. Although I did feel kind of bad for her when they got to the island and Micheal became domineering and possessive.
Halfway though the book I wanted to just give up reading. The only character I really liked ended up dead and I just wanted to push the book away with a I'm done. But I didn't and pushed through which made me dislike the book more. Anyway I did think the historical stuff was inventive, but wish it had been delivered differently. Over all this just wasn't my cup of tea.

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