Sunday, July 27, 2014

(DIY) Yoga Mat Cleaner

This morning I realized my mat was in very dire need of being cleaned. It had a feet smell and some questionable stains. DK uses it for his workouts, as do I and often in the living room which is high traffic not just kids but animals too. Which means dirt, hair, etc stuck to one side and well what happens when you workout on the other. Usually I just soak my yoga mat in the bathtub with a little bleach. Yes I know this isn't the best way to clean it, but it worked and got all the smell out. Problem no bleach, we haven't been using it as much since my vinegar kick. So I fell back on good old Google. Most recipes I found used either witch hazel (which I don't have) or you guessed it vinegar. After looking at all the different ones I decided on using a variation of the all purpose cleaner I posted a while ago.
So my cleaner was...
1 Cup White Vinegar
3 Cups Water
1 tsp baking soda ( I added to combat the smell)
Several drops eucalyptus oil ( deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial properties among others and I find the smell refreshing)
Several drops lavender oil (anti-fungal properties and I like the smell)

I just mixed everything in a bowl and poured it over the mat in the bathtub, gave it a good scrub and realized... I need a new mat. When actually cleaned I found that my poor mat is missing chunks (I think the cats might have thought it was for scratching) and is really truly stained. It smells better though, so that's something. I hung it outside to dry but I think it's going to get a second rinsing since the sky is darkening up and looks like rain. I'll probably ask for a new one for Christmas, hopefully this one will hang on for that long. I put some in a small spray bottle to keep handy for after workouts, to wipe down the mat so it doesn't get so grody.

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