Tuesday, August 5, 2014

{Book Review} Fractured by Erin Hayes

by Erin Hayes
Publisher: self
Released: July 8th 2014
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Horror
How I got it: Received a copy from the author via Xpresso Book Tours

Blinded by a mysterious seizure when she was three years old, Bash Martin has managed to carve out a normal life for herself as an adult. Yet she still yearns for a deeper connection with her twin sister Lily, who has always been jealous of the attention their parents bestowed upon Bash due to her disability.

A dream vacation seems like the perfect chance to heal their relationship, but Bash soon realizes there is something terribly wrong with Lily and that her sister is hiding a dark secret. And when a supernatural fire engulfs their hotel and corpses come back to life, the sisters are plunged into a nightmarish world that threatens not only their lives, but their very souls.

 Review: Bathsheba, aka Bash, and her twin Lily may look alike but are as different as two sisters can be.  Bash is the golden child while Lily is the troubled one. After an accident Bash is left blind and their parents dote on her even more, leaving Lily bitter and jealous. Bash is able to carve out a normal life for herself, despite her disability. Lily is on the path of self-destruction. In an effort to reconnect Bash invites Lily on a ski weekend with her, her fiance, and friends.
The beginning of the book is a bit slow in my opinion, there are little supernatural things that keep you interested but mostly it's character building and background. When things pick up boy oh boy do they get messy. I could actually see this a as a movie, the descriptions were so well done, I could picture it in my head. I did find it odd that a blind woman could give descriptions, visual descriptions, but ok I rolled with it. Once the plot picked up it swept me right along, with action and terror. I was a bit disappointed with the end, it just felt like a cop out. This really scary story line and then taking, what felt to me as, the easy ending.
Over all good, but needed a little more at the end.

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  1. Great review, Shandy Jo! I love the sounds of this one and how creepy it all seems!


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