Saturday, August 2, 2014

Macsherry Trail take 2 and a turned ankle

So we were supposed to take the kids to do Bear Mtn again today, but I slept through my alarm and we didn't get up on time. Instead we decided to take them on the Macsherry Trail which is closer, DK and I have walked it but the kids haven't. It's fairly short at 3 miles and is pretty easy over all. It was a nice walk, except for the bugs which were bad even with bug spray. Yes, I remembered this time. The kids held up pretty well, at least until the end when they started to get tired. Bummer was about a third of the way through I turned my ankle on a root. It didn't start hurting until I got in the car and off it, then OUCH!

A few shots I was able to get, when the bugs weren't trying to eat us. So I'm trying to stay off my ankle and ice it, it's not bad bad just a dull ache and a tiny bit of swelling on the side. I'm actually lucky because I tend to sprain my ankles like crazy and I kind of need those working for well work... can't run a sewing machine without your feet. Nope not gonna work.
Bonus we drove past the area where the run is going to be held in Sept so I got an idea of the course. I'm a little nervous about running/walking beside a busy highway but hopefully by then the tourists won't be as thick and it won't be as crazy.

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