Saturday, September 20, 2014

ACS Run/Walk for the Cure 5k

This was DK and my first ever 5K, I died. I mean I could list a ton of excuses why I couldn't keep up with him, but let's face it he's done more cardio than I have and it shows. Part of the course was in front of the hospital and I told him I was going to need to make a pit stop. It was a joke, but it didn't help I have a cold, so when I got jogging my chest just started burning. I felt like I was having an asthma attack. We ended up walking most of the course. DK would have liked to run the whole thing I know, but I just couldn't do it. My legs and even butt were burning. I was sweating, even though it was only sixty something degrees with a super cold wind. When we reached the end I felt like my head was going to pop, my face was super red. I wish I'd thought to take a picture, because I bet it would've been pretty funny. The folks at the race took this picture at the finish line... Not a great pic but you can see how crappy I looked.
Well anyway I am now able to cross this off my bucket list, not sure if we are going to do it again. Although the color runs look like fun so maybe... we'll see. DK seemed to like it, me I will need more practice before I do another one. Maybe I should get a treadmill for my birthday or ask for one for Christmas. Oh some folks use trampolines to run on, that would be a lot cheaper and save space. Going to look into that, yup that to train for the next one, if there is a next one.

ETA: Pictured was added 10/3/14


  1. You did it ...and that feels great.
    Stopping by via Friendship Friday.
    Much love.

    1. Thanks. Yeah I did finish and it was for a good cause so that's what matters. :)


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