Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cemetery Walks

So before the kids were born and even when J was little, DK and I used to go to cemeteries. We just walk around enjoying the peace and quiet, looking at the stones and even taking pictures. Today we decided to visit a local cemetery called Brookside. After we were going to go to the Burrville Cider Mill, but it was to packed and no parking. Anyway here are some pictures from our walk around Brookside. It's really pretty especially right now with the leaves changing.

There's a large pond right next to the cemetery. It was full of geese, but usually it had a pair of swans

I thought this was a good pic of this mausoleum. There are a bunch of cool stone mausoleums.

Old stone angel, sadly its missing an arm.

Another neat looking angel statue

Huge mausoleum it has three statues inside that at the right angle you can see like in the picture.

Other side of huge masuleum, and other statue. It's kind of creepy, because if you didn't know they were in there it would look like someone was standing in there.

Pretty statue on top of a family plot.
This is a rather large cemetery and we only walked through a small portion. There are some lovely headstones and statues in this cemetery. I would love to take a day and just wander around. Next weekend DK and I are going to an older cemetery in Sackets Harbor without the kids, so we can take our time and enjoy it.


  1. Some cemeteries are so much more, and while for some people it gives them the (no so sure what) others very well enjoy them.
    Have a nice day.

    1. You're right some folks get the creeps or willies, but I find them very peaceful. Thanks for stopping by.


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