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Author Interview R. Moses

Hi Dear Readers, I'm super excited about today’s guest. R. Moses has written three short true haunting books called My Paranormal Journals. These chronicle her interactions with the paranormal through out her life.

SJ: Hi R, is it ok I call you R? Or would you prefer Ms Moses?

R: Either is totally fine. Whatever feels right!

SJ: Would you be kind enough to tell us a little bit about yourself and your writing?

R: Why, yes I would! In terms of myself, I'm sort of a laid back artsy writerly type. I am happily married, have one darling little four year old girl, and I spend all my free time drawing, reading, and writing. I live in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. I also eat too many fried foods and not enough vegetables. That about sums up my life.
Mostly I write fiction, so the My Paranormal Journals was a huge departure for me. I usually write swords and sorcery fantasy or paranormal romance.

SJ: What made you want to write or be a writer?

R: I love to read. I mean, I looovvvvveeeee to read. And at some point, the need to put words on paper that others would love to read became an all consuming passion. I would be reading a classic, say Watership Down or something like that, and I would think how great it would be to write it, to make something that helped people escape into an exciting story.
I started writing for fun when I was a kid, kept journals, wrote short stories and illustrated them, that type of thing, and at some point I got brave enough to publish. I always feel like I have a story to tell and as long as others want to hear it, I will keep writing!

SJ: What was it about this book that made you want to write it?

R: You know, at first I was hesitant. I have the humble world view that though I have led a good life, nothing much interesting has happened. My friends and husband kept egging me on, saying things like, “It would be so awesome if you published your ghost hunting journal! It's fascinating!”
So the more they mentioned it, the more I thought about it. I pulled out all my old journals from storage and started writing again. And as I started writing in it again, I came to the conclusion my friends and family were right. I had a story to tell from real life!

SJ: When did you become interested in the paranormal?

R: I was a weird little kid who preferred to read ghost stories, curled up in a soft chair, when I was like six or
seven, while all the other kids wanted to go outside and play in the mud. I think reading combined with offbeat ghost stories from family members piqued my interest at a very early age. I think I became much more interested in 'real life' paranormal events in early adulthood.

SJ: Where you then or are you now what we would call a Paranormal Investigator?

R: Back then? I can't claim I was an 'investigator' because all I kept for evidence was an old notebook. Investigators take prolific notes/pictures/do witness interviews/do research. I didn't even keep the pictures. I guess I was more of a 'seeker of curiosities.' Doesn't that sound nice and Victorian?
Nowadays, still a no, simply because I feel that I have left that part of my life behind me. That was another reason I wrote the journal, it felt like putting an end to my efforts to actively seek out strange phenomenon. Frankly, I have had enough 'negative' or 'demonic' experiences. I don't want any more, thank you very much!

SJ: Would you have called yourself a skeptic before all this happened? Now?

R: I used to believe every paranormal story I was told completely, which was a bit naïve. So when I was younger, I wasn't a skeptic at all. Now I am sort of a 80/20 skeptic. I feel that 80% of paranormal events can be explained away. Not that people are lying about their experiences, but sometimes there really is a boring, natural explanation. I talk about my 'skeptic' research a lot in the book because I was constantly seeking concrete answers to what happened to me.
As for the other 20% of paranormal events that I or others have yet to provide a satisfactory answer for, well, that's the part that still makes me think ghosts are real. So I guess I attempt to be an open minded skeptic.

SJ: Where you ever afraid something would follow you home from the investigations? In My Paranormal Journal Vol 1 after visiting the house on the hill, you mention depression, anxiety, and insomnia at that time you were a very active young woman college, work, and a social life. Did you ever consider that the entity targeted you due to stress or your emotional state at the time which then progressed into these other problems?

R: I don't think I was afraid it would follow me home at first. Maybe I had read about that danger, but if I did I brushed it off. Later, of course, I realized that it did follow me and that I had made a mistake in becoming so obsessed with it and its house. I did consider that the entity, whatever it was, did target me because I was stressed and emotionally vulnerable to negative influences. I don't know it's motives. It is all guessing on my part. Ugh. Even talking about it all these years later still gives me the creepy crawlies up and down my spine.

SJ: As the books progress you become rather obsessed with the house on the hill, to the point of being possessive of it. You mention being upset that people were partying in the house and disrespecting it. Did this concern you at the time? Did you consider something otherworldly was affecting your emotions?

R: It did concern me. I knew it was unhealthy, knew it was not normal. This was one of many warning signs for me to stay away, but being stubborn, I ignored all the red flags and kept going back.
I suspected the entity was affecting my emotions, yes. I had been reading more about these types of experiences and all the pieces slowly fell into place.

SJ: In the books you mention that your friend Jennifer was able to capture orbs in her pictures at the house. Since many paranormal investigators discount orbs, what is your take on them?

R: Oh, no, the orb question! That is like the hardest one to answer because it divides people so much. When we took the pictures, we were sure we captured ghosts. Now I do think they are just bits of dust floating around that reflects light. I've seen too many 'orb' pictures in dusty non-haunted places to think they could be anything paranormal. Just my two cents, though.

SJ: You also captured an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), something many paranormal investigators try to do for years, what's your opinion of those as well?

R: I think EVP, for me, is the most convincing paranormal evidence out there. Once again, my skeptic research found an explanation, but when you hear voices/whispers/breathing on a recording when you didn't hear them in real life, man, let me tell you. Creepy. I don't think they are stray radio waves. I think they are voices from other intelligent entities.

SJ: For the most part the books talk about the house on the hill, but you mention other investigations in the books as well, could you tell us a little about those?

R: Most of my other investigations were duds. I think I mentioned in the book how 'famous' ghosts avoid me like the plague. Gettysburg is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the country but I didn't have anything happen at all except heat stroke.
I think most of the other investigations were duds too because I usually only went once or twice. On TV, they cut out the hours and hours waiting to experience a paranormal event. In my experience back then, especially without the sensitive equipment available today, you had to keep going to a place over and over again and staying for a long time. Most of the time I would go with the friend who said it was haunted and they would tell me their experiences, but alas, no paranormal activity or very little.
Nowadays, though, with the wide range of equipment that is more sensitive to paranormal occurrences, I think it is easier than it used to be to capture evidence. Maybe if I had had that stuff back then, the other ghost hunting expeditions would have been more exciting! But there was just something about that house on the hill that drew me back. I have never experienced anything like that anywhere else.

SJ: You also talk about UFO's in My Paranormal Journal Vol 3 briefly, some people believe that ghosts are aliens what's your take on that?

R: I don't think so, no. I am assuming if they have the technology/intellect to travel across the stars to our humble planet, they wouldn't try to communicate with us via banging doors and whispering on recorders.

SJ: Did you ever feel that you were drawing the paranormal to you the more you investigated and learned?

R: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. The more these entities get attention from you, the more they want.

SJ: At the end of My Paranormal Journal Vol 3 you list some haunted locations people can visit. When you visit popular locations that are reported to be haunted are you ever worried something might follow you home? Especially given your experiences?

R: I am really not worried. It's that whole 'famous ghosts don't like me' theory that I have. Plus if you take a place like Latta Plantation that has thousands of visitors every year and there is one or two ghosts, they can't follow everyone home, right? So I feel pretty safe at these tourist traps.

SJ: All right I have to ask, if you could live in a haunted house with good ghosts would you?

R: No, no, no. I don't like the concept of being watched when I can't watch back. I know people often say they think the entity is good and protective, and that is fantastic, but it is not for me. I need privacy! I wouldn't want the 'good ghost' to actually see how much chocolate I eat, or me plucking chin hairs. I don't even let my husband see that!

SJ: Last question R, is there anything special you would like to share with the readers about your book or yourself?

R: I think (I hope) I covered all the bases with your excellent questions!

SJ: Thank you very much for joining me today. I really enjoyed chatting with you about your ghostly encounters.

R: Thank you! It's always nice to share with others interested in ghostly goings on. 

Check out all of R. Moses works on her site 
My Paranormal Journal Volumes 1,2, & 3 are available on Amazon, B&N and iTunes 

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